Samizdat Press

sa*miz*dat \'s&aumlm-ez-,d&aumlt\ n
[Russ, fr. sam-sself- + izdatel'stvo publisher, fr. izdat' to publish,
fr. iz out, from + dat' to give; akin to L dare to give -- more at DATE]

--Digital Webster

Samizdat Press has been devoted to the free distribution of books, lecture notes and software for nearly 15 years. We serve approximately 10 GB of free books per month. Our special focus is material of a pedagogical nature. If you have anything that you would be willing to distribute freely, or if you would like to help support the project, email John Scales or Martin Smith.

Everything is free and may be freely copied and distributed.


Free stuff on this site

Links to other free books and lecture notes

Albert Tarantola has made a number of his books available for free from his web page, including Elements of Physics and a new edition of his classic Inverse Problem Theory

Petr Krysl has released under the GPL his SOFEA Matlab-oriented OO toolkit for finite element analysis.  There is a nice book that goes with this too.

Jon Claerbout has all or parts of several of his geophysics books available electronically. Click here to venture west to Stanford University.

 Lecture notes and survey papers from Paderborn  on mathematics and computer science.

This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics  by John Baez, is one of the very best things on the WWW.  Baez also has lots of other interesting works available from his web site.  His tutorial on general relativity is superb.

 Several nice books on continuum mechanics (in French) by Jean Garrigues  from the Ecole Superieure de Mechanique de Marseilles.

Jim Berryman of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has written Lecture Notes on Nonlinear Inversion and Tomography, which you can download by clicking here.

The Free Software Foundation maintains lists of freely accessible books on various topics. Hundreds of non-technical books including many of the great works of literature on-line from Project Gutenberg.



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