Greek Seismology
Being an Annotated Sourcebook of
Earthquake Theories and Concepts
in Classical Antiquity
Christopher L. Liner
Department of Geosciences
University of Tulsa

Earthquake references abound in the literature of ancient Greece and Rome. They are found in many contexts, from a simple comment to detailed location and graphic description of a given event. This sort of information is relatively common. But another kind of information only rarely occurs. There are a few writers who give the causes of earthquakes -- actual earthquake theories. This book gathers and organizes full quotations from ancient works containing such theory references. It is a small, interesting story in the history of science: the beginnings of theoretical seismology.

NB: The postscript, which was exported from MS Word, may or may not be viewable under ghostview, but it does print on HP and Apple 600 dpi laser printers. Not sure if it will print on 300 dpi printers. Send John Scales email if you run into difficulty.

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